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Strength through Association: ABI’s new Director General delivers inaugural speech

Hannah Gurga highlighted the essential role of the insurance and long-term savings industry in tackling the major challenges facing the UK and underlined the positive impact that can be achieved through partnership in her first speech as the Director General of the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

Speaking last night to an audience of senior industry figures, Government representatives and regulators, ahead of the ABI’s Annual Conference today, Hannah Gurga pledged the ABI would actively lean into big societal issues like climate change, building safety, social care, economic recovery and strengthening customer trust.

Hannah Gurga“It is my honour to be an ambassador for an industry that matters to every household and business across the country. This is the industry that helps the prudent prepare for later-life. This is the industry that provides support when the unexpected happens. This is the industry that employs 320,000 people across Britain and contributes £30 billion to the UK economy.

“I have deep confidence in the future of our industry. The wellspring of that confidence is the strength of the people in this room. It is what the ABI calls our strength through association. When we take this strength and work closer than ever - with government, regulators, businesses, and society at large - we can make a profound and positive difference.”

Two announcements were set out during the speech - further details of which have been confirmed today:

  • A partnership with the Plain Numbers enterprise to help people who struggle understanding numbers.

The initiative is part of a wider drive by the insurance and long-term savings sector to strengthen customer trust and experience, including setting up a Consumer Advisory Group.

  • A pledge to double the number of apprenticeships across the insurance and long-term savings sector to reach 2,500 by 2025.

The apprenticeships will be offered to school leavers onwards and, with two thirds of the industry’s roles being based outside of London, the roles will be spread across the UK.

The full speech delivered last night at the ABI’s Annual Dinner can be read here.

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Last updated 22/02/2022