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ABI welcomes passing of Automated Vehicles Bill

Car on country road.jpgAs the Automated Vehicles Bill has completed its parliamentary passage in the House of Lords, the ABI has welcomed the passing of the Bill, which will now receive Royal Assent.

Jonathan Fong, ABI Manager for General Insurance Policy, said:


We’re delighted the Automated Vehicles Bill will now receive Royal Assent – putting the UK on the road to being a world leader in AV technology. UK motor insurers have long been supporting the development of automated vehicles, including by actively insuring trials to allow the technology to evolve, and by supporting the creation and progress of this Bill at every step of the journey.

“While this Bill represents a significant step forward, further consideration is needed to address concerns around safety and cyber security. It’s critical that insurers have access to relevant data in order to support the adoption of this technology.

“We look forward to continuing to engage with Government and other stakeholders on these issues so that we can all fully harness the exciting opportunities automated vehicles present.”

For more information please contact  ABI Press Office.

Last updated 10/05/2024