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Dental Insurance

Dental hygiene affects eating and speech, and impacts on social and psychological aspects of our lives. Having bad teeth can negatively affect people’s lives and poor dental health can lead to depression and other mental illnesses.

When you visit your dentist either on the NHS or through private care, you will have to pay for at least some of your dental care, which can be expensive. Given that everyone needs regular dental checks ups and that the need for treatment isn’t uncommon, managing costs can be particularly important.

Dental insurance is a type of cash plan that helps cover the cost of your dental treatment, so that you can manage your costs and receive the treatment you need. There is a range of dental insurance plans to suit different oral health needs and budgets.

Facilitating access to dental maintenance and treatment can play a crucial role in early detection and prevention and helps maintain good physical and mental health. In 2016, health insurers helped hundreds of thousands customers to manage their oral health through dental check-ups, hygienists’ appointments, treatments and accident cover.

Dental insurance typically covers:

  • Check-ups including x-rays and other dental investigations
  • Dental maintenance such as descaling and polishing
  • Restorative treatment such as filings, bridges and crowns
  • Dental accidents and emergencies 

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