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Genetics and Insurance

The ABI has a long standing agreement with the Department of Health (DH) on how insurers use genetic information, called Code on Genetic Testing and Insurance.

DNAThis has been in place since 2001 and it specifies that a customer can take out insurance – critical illness, income protection, and life insurance – without disclosing a predictive genetic test result. There is only one exception to this agreement, which is that predictive test results for Huntington’s disease should be disclosed by applicants for life insurance above £500,000. This is because of the high likelihood of a Huntington’s disease diagnosis when the gene is present.

The ABI’s current work on genetics largely revolves around maintaining the Concordat and Moratorium and ensuring it continues to work for consumers, insurers and government. The ABI does this by:

  • Setting out how the agreement works and the reassurance it offers to customers
  • Reporting the industry’s compliance with the agreement
  • Educating member firms on the handling of genetic data

A copy of the Code on Genetic Testing and Insurance can be found here.