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Tackling Britain’s productivity gap

Insurers can provide a much-needed boost to productivity by keeping people healthier and, if they are absent due to illness, getting them back into work as early as possible. Wellbeing programmes can reduce sickness absence and presenteeism, and make a positive economic impact via increased staff retention and reduced healthcare spending.

We believe that swift diagnosis and prompt treatment matter to patients who are feeling unwell. Getting people back to health quickly is at the heart of what insurers do. This is why health insurers provide fast-track appointment and self-referral services.

For certain treatments, insurers recognise that a GP referral is not necessarily needed and allow customers to self-refer. Such treatments can include physiotherapy, counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy. Providing direct access to a physiotherapist or counsellor without having to see a doctor first can aid the recovery of those with relatively simple conditions and has a positive impact on those affected, their employers and the public sector.

Insurers’ services provide easy access to clinical expertise and tailored treatment plans specific to each patient’s individual conditions. Through wellbeing strategies, preventative advice and quick treatment, employees can stay healthy for longer and get back to work sooner.