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Key policy work relevant for Health Insurance

The ABI is working across a wide range of health policy areas. These include campaigning on Insurance Premium Tax, producing consumer guides to explain and promote health insurance products and improving the ways insurers request and obtain medical information from GPs. The ABI regularly issues guidance for its members, reviews the Concordat & Moratorium on Genetics and Insurance and demonstrates to policy makers how health insurance can benefit society as a whole.

We work closely with regulators and our members on the UK’s implementation of the Insurance Distribution Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation, value measures and renewal pricing, and the challenges of an ageing population. The ABI also helps its members understand regulation being developed by the  Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA)

The ABI is part of the Global Federation of Insurance Associations and is working with its members on the development of the Insurance Capital Standard. It is also a member of Insurance Europe, at which it is involved across all areas of insurance, including the Insurance Europe Health Platform.