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Over 50 plans

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  • Over-50 Plans
  • What they offer
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Over-50 Plans

Over-50 plans, also known as guaranteed whole of life plans, provide a guaranteed tax-free lump sum payment when you die. This cash payment can be useful if you wish to put it towards funeral costs or leave it to someone. Over-50 plans are only available to people over the age of 50.

Over-50 plans typically offer

  • a guaranteed acceptance for this cover
  • fixed premiums payable for life or to a specified age
  • cover with no medical disclosures or underwriting
  • full cover after an initial ‘moratorium
  • a guaranteed sum payable on death

The amount paid out when you die depends on the premium you choose.

Next steps

If you have a policy, want to buy some cover, or just want more information: