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Dash cams

Dash cams, also known as in-car camera recorders, make a video and audio recording.

Even if you are a careful driver, accidents can happen and sometimes it can be difficult to objectively determine who’s at fault. With the in-car camera, you can keep a record of what happened and when.

Why install a dash cam?

Dash cam footage can help resolve the dispute quickly and prove that an accident was not your fault. The evidence may further help settle claims being settled faster, meaning less hassle for you. If the footage proves the other party was at fault, you may not have to pay your excess and the evidence could help protect your no claims discount (NCD). Some insurers even offer a discount on your premium if you install a dash cam.

As dash cams become more common, they may help deter insurance fraud and provide you with extra peace of mind in case of ‘crash for cash’ claims.