Will my travel policy compensate me if an airline cancels my travel in the event they are unable to fly to Europe after Brexit?

If any airline fails to fulfil its obligations after booking, such as cancelling a flight, customers are entitled to a full refund to be claimed direct from the airline for the cost of the flight.  The extra security offered by arranging a package trip and looking for ABTA protection could be especially worthwhile if booking a trip for 2019. 

Travel insurance may be able to help with any extra cost to you because of a delay to travelling or cover the cost of your holiday when you cannot travel at all because there is no alternative transport available. You should check your policy or contact your insurer to see if it includes cancellation and travel disruption cover and what they will cover you for.  

Having travel disruption cover in place as part of your travel insurance policy may mean you are covered against some financial losses resulting from delays and cancellations, provided you have exhausted other routes of getting your money back. This could be through airlines, travel agents or your credit card provider. Given the unique circumstances of Brexit you should check with your insurer directly if you are unclear. 

Travel disruption cover may also offer you some compensation if travel delays have forced you to miss some of your holiday or for the cost of unused bookings, such as a hotel reservation that is non-refundable and unused, due to the flight cancellation.