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Common exclusions

You should always read your policy’s Terms & Conditions carefully to make sure that you have the cover you need.

Some of the most common things pet insurance does not cover are:

  • Pre-existing illness or injury - Anything that relates in any way to something your pet had or showed signs of having before the policy started. This usually includes illnesses and injuries that can happen again, or may appear in different parts of your pet’s body. For example, if your pet had an ear infection before you took out your current policy, your insurance will probably not cover the cost of treatment for any future infections in either ear, regardless of whether or not you made a claim under an old policy.
  • Waiting period - A period at the start of the policy when veterinary treatment is not covered, typically the first 14 days. Insurance starts for illnesses that first show signs or happen after this time. Some policies have a similar period, or less, for injuries.
  • Routine and preventative treatment - Vaccinations, spaying, castration, flea, worm and tick treatments, grooming, claw clipping and teeth maintenance. Any costs arising from these treatments may also not be covered.

  • Pregnancy and giving birth - Anything to do with pregnancy, giving birth and treatment of any offspring is not usually covered.

Common claims:

Some of the most common claims made are for:

  • Skin problems
  • Wounds
  • Arthritis
  • Muscular skeletal issues
  • Gastro intestinal issues
  • Tumours