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Investment platforms

Investment platforms play an increasingly important role in the pensions and savings market. They provide customers and their advisers with a more holistic view of their investments, and reduce the hassle associated with buying, holding and selling investments.

The ABI represents a growing number of investment platforms including Standard Life Aberdeen, Vanguard, Smart Pension and PensionBee.

The investment platforms sector has steadily grown over the last eight years, with assets under administration increasing from £108 billion in 2008 to £592 billion in 2016. The interim report of the FCA’s Asset Management Market Study notes that around 80% of new retail investment business is now done through platforms. The ABI’s members provide both ‘direct to consumer’ platforms, which are chosen and used by customers, and ‘advised’ platforms, which are used by advisers on their clients’ behalf.

These services will play an even more important role in future, as some customers choose to take a more active role in managing their investments both pre and post retirement.

There are many things for customers and advisers to consider before choosing a platform, including the amount they plan to invest, how frequently they intend to buy and sell investments, the types of investments they wish to buy and hold, and the functionality and service they require.

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