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Case study 22: Sun Life Financial of Canada

Sun Life Financial of Canada (SLFOC) recognised that whilst their frontline staff are naturally helpful and supportive they would still benefit from first-hand understanding of the needs of vulnerable customers.

SLFOC identified vulnerability through age and broad mental health conditions as areas to provide initial focus. SLFOC engaged with Age UK and the Samaritans to come and provide targeted training through full day training workshops.

These focused on:

How to identify vulnerable customers and exploring ways of how best to help them

Practical sessions for staff to experience what a vulnerable customer would be experiencing through:
 – visual impairment
 – walking outside unaided, the disorientating effect on confidence and activity;
 – hearing loss
 – difficulty in making and responding to phone calls;
 – swollen finger joints and attempting a phone call whilst referring to communication received;
 – traumatic life events and the impact it would have on everyday activity;

Explore how vulnerable customers’ needs would be different as a result of the above and how SLFOC could adapt its approach