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Research and publications

PFWG Guides - Investing in Less Liquid Assets (PDF, 659kB)

(PDF, 659kB)

These guides, developed by the Productive Finance Working Group, aim to raise awareness among pension scheme trustees, employers and other key DC scheme decision makers of the main considerations around investing in less liquid assets.

ABI pensions dashboards user research summary report (PDF, 497kB)

(PDF, 497kB)

New research by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has found that pensions dashboards, which will show savers all their pension pots in one place, present a once in a generation opportunity to help people engage with their pension.

ABI Pensions Dashboard interview report - A vision for Pensions Dashboards (PDF, 1MB)

(PDF, 1MB)

This paper summarises the findings from the interviews, which include proposed areas for further development and actions to be taken now to enable future innovations.

Supporting customer decisions about pension withdrawals (PDF, 988kB)

(PDF, 988kB)

This report describes how providers currently help their customers navigate decisions about pension withdrawals.

Find the Right Path (PDF, 2MB)

(PDF, 2MB)

This guide aims to show what providers and the market as a whole can do to ensure that their communications are effective and impactful...

Five years on: Future-proofing the freedoms (PDF, 2MB)

(PDF, 2MB)

Five years on from their introduction, the pension freedoms have revolutionised the retirement landscape...

Principles for tailoring retirement risk warnings (PDF, 221kB)

(PDF, 221kB)

The final report of the Retirement Outcomes Review recommended some major changes to the way in which pre-retirement communications are structured...

Communications through the life course (PDF, 2MB)

(PDF, 2MB)

To mark the 3rd Anniversary of Pension Freedoms, the ABI published a document setting out 5 Retirement Interventions to help consumers make the most of their retirement savings...

ABI response to DWP's consultation on 'Protecting Defined Benefit Pension schemes A Stronger Pensions Regulator' (PDF, 205kB)

(PDF, 205kB)

The ABI agrees with the proposals for greater powers for the regulator, and we endorse the steps The Pensions Regulator (TPR) is...

ABI response to DWP's consultation on clarifying and strengthing trustees' investment duties (PDF, 144kB)

(PDF, 144kB)

We welcome measures to clarify and strengthen trustees’ fiduciary duties, which is consistent with the Law Commission’s recommendations...

Association of British Insurers response to TPR and FCA's joint call for input (PDF, 327kB)

(PDF, 327kB)

There have been significant changes in the long-term savings and pensions landscape in the last six years following Freedom and Choice; this requires a fundamental rethink of how the regulators are configured...

ABI Response DWP Consultation British Steel Pension Scheme (PDF, 193kB)

(PDF, 193kB)

A number of the ABI’s members are insurers focused purely on providing de-risking solutions for Defined Benefit Pension Schemes and other life insurance companies...

ABI response to DWP green paper on security and sustainability in Defined Benefit pension schemes (PDF, 488kB)

(PDF, 488kB)

The ABI welcomes the publication of the green paper and the Government’s focus on forging a new consensus on how to balance between protections, sustainability and affordability in defined benefit pension schemes...

ABI response to work and pensions committee call for written submissions on defined benefit funds (PDF, 194kB)

(PDF, 194kB)

The ABI very much welcomes the decision by the Work and Pensions Committee to scrutinise the subject of Defined Benefit Funds and is grateful for the opportunity to comment...

ABI submission to WPSC inquiry into self-employment gig economy (PDF, 454kB)

(PDF, 454kB)

The ABI welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Work and Pensions Select Committee’s inquiry into how self-employed and gig economy workers interact with the UK welfare system...