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Tailored and phased customer communications:

  • A customer in their twenties may receive regular communication that commends them for joining their pension scheme and explains the benefits of tax relief or the importance of employer contributions in growing their overall pension pot. It may also encourage them to increase their pension contributions when they receive a pay-rise or change job.

  • A customer in their thirties or forties may receive regular communication that encourages them to maintain their contributions (and the benefits of doing so) in spite of competing financial pressures such as starting a family or buying/moving to a new house etc.

  • A customer aged between 45 - 54 may be signposted to the availability of guidance or a Mid-life MOT/review (see Intervention 2). It might encourage them to begin to consider their finances and later life.

  • A customer aged 50 may receive a communication that highlights the availability of guidance but acts as a reminder that this is a good chance to take stock of their overall retirement savings and consider retirement options. It could also encourage them to take action (i.e. remain in work/increase contribution levels).

  • A customer aged 55 and over may receive regular communication that urges them to take guidance and consider their retirement options, and make explicit that the individual does not have to access their pension simply because the legislation allows it.

  • A customer who reaches their selected retirement date or requests a quotation may receive communications, as now, that describe the retirement options in an easy-to-understand format and signposts to guidance.