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Dental insurance

Dental insurance helps cover the cost of your dental treatment. You can choose to have your dental treatment privately or you can use the National Health Service (NHS). In either case, you will have to pay for at least some of your dental care which can be expensive. Dental insurance can help cover this cost.

Things to consider

  • what kind of dental care do you want?
  • does your employer have insurance that covers you?
  • is the NHS dental service enough to cover your dental needs?
  • how much can you afford to spend?

How it works

You decide on the type of cover you want and how much you want to spend. Your insurer will ask you to fill in an application. You must take reasonable care to answer the insurer’s questions fully and accurately as you can. Remember, if you're not sure whether something is important, tell the insurer anyway. If you do not, your insurer may refuse to pay your claim or could cancel your policy. Your insurer can tell you what dental healthcare is and is not covered.

Once your application has been accepted you will be told when your cover will start.  Some cover might start immediately, for example for a check-up and x-rays, but typically, you will have to wait up to three months for cover to start on treatment such as fillings.

Dental insurance typically covers

  • check-ups including x-rays and other dental investigations 
  • dental maintenance such as descaling and polishing
  • restorative treatment such as fillings, bridges and crowns
  • dental accidents and emergencies 

Limits on cover

  • some pre-existing dental conditions might be covered
  • oral cancer treatment might be covered
  • you might have to wait for a qualifying period (for example, three months)
  • you might not get cover for the first treatment after joining if:
    • you have not had your teeth checked over a considerable length of time (for example, for the past two years)
    • your dentist has recommended or started treatment before you joined or within the qualifying period

Dental insurance does not cover

  • orthodontic and cosmetic procedures  

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