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Additional home insurance cover

Most home insurance providers offer additional cover on top of their standard polices for an extra premium. 

You can extend your buildings insurance to cover:

  • accidental damage to the building, its fixtures or fittings
  • damage to surrounding structures including sheds, boundary walls, gates, driveways.
  • replacing glass in windows and doors
  • damage to someone else’s property, for example if a tree in your garden falls on your neighbour’s roof
  • legal expenses arising from cases relating to your property, for example if you sue someone for damage they caused to your home  

You can extend your contents insurance to cover: 

accidental damage protects against damage resulting from everyday household accidents like breakages and spillages 

personal possessions insurance covers items you take outside the home like laptops, tablet computers and cameras. Personal possessions insurance can also cover your mobile phone, or you can take out specialist mobile phone insurance