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Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive policies offer the highest level of motor insurance cover available. 

Policy details vary from insurer to insurer but comprehensive policies usually cover everything that third party and third party fire and theft policies cover, with added protection against:

  • injuries to or the death of other people, including passengers in your vehicle
  • damage to other people's property 
  • accidents caused by passengers in your vehicle
  • accidents or damage caused by a caravan or trailer attached to your vehicle
  • your vehicle being stolen
  • your vehicle being damaged or destroyed in a fire
  • accidental damage to your vehicle  

Comprehensive policies cover you regardless of who is at fault (you or the other driver).

Comprehensive policies may also cover:

  • personal accident benefit certain amounts of money will be paid out if you, the policyholder, die or are permanently disabled as a result of an accident.  Sometimes personal accident benefit also covers the policyholder's spouse or other family members
  • medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident, up to a stated limit
  • loss of or damage to personal items in the vehicle, up to a stated limit.