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12 month pet insurance policies

12-month pet insurance policies are also known as time limited policies.

What is covered

There are two elements to these types of policies:

  1. a fixed sum of money is available to cover the treatment of each illness or injury
  2. there is a set time period during which treatment for each illness or injury will be covered. Policies will cover the cost of treating a particular illness or injury for 12 months from the start of that illness or injury (as long as the insurance policy remains in force)

After the set time period has ended, or when the sum of money for a particular illness or injury has been reached – whichever comes first – that particular illness or injury won’t ever be covered again. 

Key differences between 12-month policies and other pet insurance policies

12-month policies are different from other pet insurance policies because each illness or injury is only covered for a specific time period from when the illness or injury starts (usually a maximum of 12 months).

12-month policies are different from maximum benefit policies because they apply a time limit to how long the treatment of an illness or injury is covered for, as well as a fixed sum of money for each separate illness or injury.

Next steps

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