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Lifetime pet insurance policies

Lifetime policies are also known as lifelong, cover for life, reinstatement, repopulating or renewable benefit policies.

What is covered

Like other pet insurance policies, lifetime policies are renewable on a yearly basis. To ensure your pet is covered, you must renew your policy every year.

Lifetime policies insure all new medical illnesses and injuries. This means that any illness or injury that existed before the policy was taken out will not be covered. Cover is provided up to a set amount of money each year for as long as the insurance policy remains in force.

If this amount is reached during the policy year, no further claims will be paid and any further treatment required for that year will not be covered. The policy needs to be renewed to ensure your pet is covered for new treatment for illnesses and injuries for the following year.

An ongoing illness or injury that has needed treatment in one year will be covered again by the policy the next year. There is no limit on how many times the illness or injury can be covered in this way, as long as the insurance policy remains in force.

Key differences between lifetime policies and other pet insurance policies


As long as the policy is renewed it will provide cover for treatment of a long-term or recurring illness for the duration of the policy.   

Next steps

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