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Pet insurance policy exclusions

Exclusions apply to all pet insurance policies.

Most policies will not cover

  • pre-existing medical conditions including:
    • illnesses your pet had or showed signed of before you took out your policy
    • recurring illnesses or injuries
    • ongoing or lifelong conditions

No policy will cover

  • routine and preventative treatment
    • vaccinations
    • spaying
    • castration
    • flea, worm and tick treatments 
    • grooming
    • claw clipping
    • teeth maintenance 
    • costs associated with pregnancy and giving birth 
    • the purchase price of your pet if it dies after a certain age, usually nine years
All policies have a waiting period of between 10 and 30 days from the date your policy starts. If your pet needs treatment during this time the cost will not be covered by your insurer.
If your pet dies before the end of your policy period you may still be required to pay the full monthly or annual premium for the duration of your policy if you make a claim.