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Lost or stolen passports and possessions


If your passport is lost or stolen while you’re abroad, contact the nearest Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) as soon as possible. To find the nearest FCO use the FCO’s online find an embassy service or call the FCO’s consular assistance helpline on +44 (0) 20 7008 1500.

After reporting the loss or theft to the FCO, you will need to complete a lost or stolen declaration form (LS01), which is available from the FCO website. You can also obtain the LS01 form from local FCO posts. If your passport has been stolen you will need a police report with crime reference details to complete the LS01 form.

Your travel insurance may compensate you for the costs incurred in replacing your lost or stolen passport, but they will not usually pay for the cost of the replacement passport itself. Check with your insurer to see what your policy covers.


If your possessions are lost or stolen while you are abroad your travel insurance may cover the cost of replacing your belongings. The level of cover and the amount of compensation available may be lower if the person making a claim is less than 18 years of age.

You will be expected to provide your insurer with receipts or other proof of ownership if you are making a claim for lost or stolen possessions.

Loss or theft of valuable items

Cover for valuable items will vary considerably from policy to policy.

Most insurers impose a maximum total limit on the amount you can claim for lost or stolen valuable items. Most insurers also impose a single item limit, which is a maximum amount they will pay for any individual item regardless of its value. If your insurer’s single item limit is £500, for example, and a camera worth £800 is stolen, your insurer will only pay out £500 if you make a claim.

Unattended belongings

Most travel insurance policies will not cover the theft of belongings that are left unattended. Most insurers define unattended belongings as those which cannot be seen or are not close enough to you for you to prevent unauthorised interference with or theft of the items. For example, most policies will not cover belongings that are stolen when left under a towel beside a pool or on the beach while you go for a swim.

Checked in baggage

Your insurance will not cover valuables that go missing from checked in baggage. Your baggage is considered checked in from the time you hand it over to the airline at the airport until the time you pick it up at your destination.

You should always carry valuables in your hand luggage.


Lost or stolen money should be covered by your policy if the money was kept:

  • on your person
  • in a secure safe or locked accommodation.

Your policy will not cover your money if it is lost or stolen in circumstances that where you have failed to take the precautionary steps mentioned above.

You will be expected to provide your insurer with proof of ownership and evidence of loss or theft of your money if you are making a claim for lost or stolen money.