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Pet Insurance pledges

Insurers understand this has been a very worrying time for pet owners, who will have been concerned about the health of their pets and access to veterinary surgeries and treatment if needed. During the lockdowns, ABI member pet insurance companies offered enhanced help and support to customers through a range of pledges. These included being flexible on policy conditions where vets were closed and if vaccinations or health checks couldn’t be carried out.

As veterinary services are operating as normal, the pledges to support pet insurance customers are no longer required and will finish on 30th April 2021.

If any pet vaccinations, health or dental checks are due, or any treatment required, owners should proceed with arranging these.

Frequently Asked Questions

If vets are not currently doing routine vaccinations, could failure to get these invalidate my policy?

No. Insurers have agreed that being unable to access veterinary surgeries in person due to Covid-19 restrictions will not invalidate your policy. Insurers are offering increased flexibility on these policy conditions and are continuing to cover conditions that pets are usually vaccinated against. We recommend contacting your vet todiscuss access to surgeries and routine vaccinations.

If I have treatment booked in, and it is postponed and my policy is due for renewal in the meantime, will my current policy still cover the costs of this treatment?

Yes. If your treatment has been postponed, your current policy should still cover the costs of this treatment. Many insurers are extending the time limit to allow for the treatment to be completed at a later date. We recommend contacting your vet to discuss any changes to treatment and your insurer to discuss policy coverage.

Will any ongoing treatment be affected?

Following Government advice on social distancing, some veterinary practices have reduced the treatments they offer and are only carrying out essential treatment. Insurers are committed to working with their customers to ensure pets receive the treatment and care they need. Many insurers are providing flexibility on claims that arise during the current crisis. If you have started a claim that has a time limit but are unable to visit a vet, many insurers are extending the time limit to allow for the treatment to be completed at a later date. Contact your vet to discuss in more detail how your pet can access the treatment it needs.

It is important to note that ongoing treatment costs are dependent on the policy remaining in force and premiums must be received at the time the treatment costs are incurred.

If vet treatment is restricted, then what additional benefits are pet insurers offering?

Insurers are offering a range of additional benefits to customers during the current crisis, including access to dedicated 24/7 helplines, allowing flexibility on claim submissions and organising online/phone consultations with vets. The additional benefits will vary between insurers so contact your insurer for more details on what is currently being offered by them.

I have a young pet that has not yet received any vaccinations. What should I do?

If you have a young pet, such as a puppy or kitten, and their routine vaccinations have been delayed, keep them inside your home until they have had a full vaccination course. It is important to follow the Government advice for those with pets and animals: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-advice-for-people-with-animals Access to some veterinary surgeries and the services available has now improved so we recommend contacting your vet to discuss access to surgeries and routine vaccinations.