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Updated guidance on overseas travel

The Government has recently updated guidance on travel to certain countries due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and the rules around quarantine on return to the UK also continue to be updated. 

This is an evolving situation. with new country guidance being issued regularly so it is essential to check the FCDO guidance before you travel, and we have compiled these frequently asked questions to help people understand the impact for their insurance. 

I am currently travelling in a country where the FCDO guidance has changed since I departed the UK – will my travel insurance still cover me?

  • Yes – you will be covered for the duration of your trip under the same terms as when you took out the policy, including cover for emergency medical treatment. 

I recently booked and took out travel insurance for a trip to a country but since then the FCDO has advised for all but essential travel to that country. What do I do now my trip is cancelled?

  • In the first instance, a refund should be sought from the airline, accommodation provider or tour operator. Following that, any bookings done through a credit card may also be able to have costs recovered through section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act or via a 'chargeback claim'.
  • Any new travel insurance policies taken out, or trips booked, since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and therefore a known event may contain some exclusions for cancellation so it is important to check what you are and are not covered for. 

The country I’m due to visit remains on the FCDO’s exemption list, but a new quarantine rule has come into place on returning to the UK. If I decide not to go, will my travel insurance cover me?

  • Travel insurance is not designed to cover the situation where you choose not to travel, but there is no FCDO advice against travel. Your insurance will not cover you where FCDO advice allows travel but you choose not to travel because you do not want to quarantine on your return to the UK.