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Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance is a specialist type of insurance and policies vary, so it is best to check with your insurer if you have concerns. Wedding insurance covers events outside the couple’s control but does not provide cover for people who decide they no longer want to get married or enter into a civil partnership.

Are insurers still selling wedding insurance?

  • If you have already purchased a wedding insurance policy prior to COVID-19 and you need to make a claim, you should speak to your insurer. Given the evolving nature of COVID-19 and regular changes to public health guidance, insurers are constantly reviewing the situation on what they are able to provide affordable cover for. If people are looking to buy wedding insurance, they will need to shop around and possibly speak to a broker to ensure they purchase the cover that suits their needs.

What happens if my wedding is cancelled?

  • If the venue cancels the wedding, the marrying couple may be covered as this decision is outside of their control. 
  • If there is a supplier failure - either as a result of that supplier going bankrupt or failing to provide a service on time (such as a wedding dress or flowers not arriving) - you will most likely be covered either under your insurance policy. You may also be covered by your credit card if you used it to buy the item.

What happens if I need to cancel my wedding due to illness, injury or death?

  • Most insurance policies will cover this as long as the death, illness or accident wasn’t as a result of a pre-existing condition or due to reckless behaviour. Who this covers in the wedding party will be dependent on the policy you have purchased, so it is worth checking the terms and conditions. If you are unsure, you can always speak to your insurer.

Will my insurance cover guests attending weddings abroad?

  • Wedding guests would - in normal circumstances - need to book their own travel insurance policy to cover them.
  • Travel insurance may cover non-refundable cancellation costs, in specific circumstances. These may include medical advice against you or a member of your group from travelling or government advice against travelling. Check your travel insurance policy for the scope of cover as policies taken out or renewed, or trips booked, after the pandemic was declared are likely to exclude cancellation due to Coronavirus as it was a known risk when the policy was taken out.