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Assessing your flood risk

Accurately assessing your flood risk may help you access home insurance

If you live on the coast or near a river

Check the relevant agency's flood map to see if your area is prone to flooding:

If you are concerned about surface water flooding 

Surface water flooding happens when soil becomes saturated (and can no longer absorb any more water) or drains overflow, usually following heavy rainfall. Surface water flooding causes particular problems in urban areas where the excess water flows onto roads and pavements and into buildings.

You may be able to find out if your property is at risk of surface water flooding through your area's Lead Local Flood Authority.

Commissioning a property-level flood risk survey

A property-level flood risk survey is a formal assessment of your property’s flooding risk. It should be carried out by a chartered surveyor or a civil engineer.

Check with your insurer before you commission a property-level flood risk survey to see if they are able to take surveys into account when assessing your application for insurance. Make sure the chartered surveyor or civil engineer you hire uses the industry-standard template for flood risk reports, which can be found on the Environment Agency's website.

Purchasing a new home

If you are considering purchasing a new home always make sure you fully understand the potential flood risk before you make any decision.