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Are Christmas presents covered by insurance?

Insurance Questions Answered: 

Are my Christmas presents covered by my home and car insurance?

With Christmas over, many homes will have a few more gadgets hanging about. Though your contents insurance policy covers you for theft all year round, it’s important to make sure your new gifts are protected with the right cover in case they are stolen or damaged.

Contents insurance

The good news is that many insurers tend to get into the Christmas spirit by automatically increasing your cover for around 10% of your sums insured on a temporary basis in the run up to, and immediately after, Christmas to cover the value of any presents.

However, make sure you check your policy to see if you have this extra cover and remember that even if you do have the extra leeway, it finishes in January. Make a resolution to let your insurer know about your new gifts and gadgets once the last of those turkey sandwiches have been polished off.

This is particularly important if you have received gifts that will cost more to replace than the ‘single item limit’ shown on your schedule or those ‘valuables’ listed in your policy (such as jewellery, watches, fine art etc).

Keep in mind that Christmas is a busy time for burglars, with the average haul for festive thieves coming to £2,250. Take a look at our tips for keeping your home secure this holiday season.

Car insurance

Avoid leaving expensive (and attractive to thieves) items like laptops in unattended vehicles. If you have to, then ensure they are in a locked boot or glove compartment. The value of your cover for items stolen from a vehicle will can vary - it can range from around £100 up to £500, so check your policy to find out how much you’re insured for.

Find out more about single item limits here.

Last updated 14/12/2018