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Armed forces

Sine June 2016, members of the Association of British Insurers have made commitments to give flexibility for armed forces personnel stationed abroad.

Armed forces personnel will be able to keep their No claims Bonus for up to three years and insurers will waive fees normally charged if armed forces personnel need to cancel a policy at short notice when they are to be posted overseas.

Following the simple steps below will ensure that armed forces personnel can take advantage of these flexible policies.

Three things you need to do:

  • Check your insurance policy
  • Contact your insurer or broker directly
  • Provide your insurer with a letter from your commanding officer

Two things you should ask your insurer about:

  • No Claims Bonus - Insurers will keep your No Claims Bonus for up to three years if you are posted abroad
  • Cancellation Fees – Insurers will waive fees normally charged if you need to cancel your policy at short notice if you are posted abroad

View a list of insurers signed up to the Armed Forces Personnel The Motor Insurance Commitment.pdf