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ABI Future Leaders

Award-winning Executive Development Programme 

  • A year-long programme that equips you with the skills, knowledge and expertise you need to lead an insurance and long-term savings firm.
  • Provides exposure to the impact of regulators, policymakers and existing CEOs.
  • Created to complement and add to the development pathways for the industry leaders of tomorrow.

"The whole course has been brilliant! I would 100% recommend the ABI Future Leaders Programme to anyone in our industry. It was such a great opportunity to get involved, meet people and learn more about our industry from some really inspirational people."

Debbie Sygrave, Conduct Risk Manager, NHBC

Who Can Apply?

Applications are open to:

  • Up-and-coming senior leaders.
  • Senior managers with a significant line or functional responsibility with high potential for progressing into a more senior leadership position.

We strongly encourage applications from candidates who represent diverse backgrounds including race, gender, sexuality, cultural background, disability and social mobility.

Applications have now closed. Any queries, please contact [email protected] 

What to Expect

Politics, Policy and Public Perception

This event is your gateway to unlocking the intricacies of external affairs, offering an insight into the expansive political landscape and the pulse of public opinion that directly influences the environment your firms operate within.

You will benefit from:

  • Invaluable knowledge of the challenges and critical issues that the ABI navigates daily, gaining a comprehensive understanding of this topic area.
  • The opportunity to gather wisdom firsthand from reputable CEOs and industry leaders. Their personal narratives, reflections on their careers, and candid discussions about their leadership challenges will serve as a guiding beacon, illuminating your path to success.. 

Shifting Consumer Expectations and Digital Disruption

This event will explore what the future of the industry could look like and how business leaders can harness technological innovations ethically, and fairly, to deliver and exceed, shifting consumer expectations.

You will gain:

  • Invaluable insights into the strategic manoeuvres required to navigate the post-Covid landscape and weather the storm during times of a cost-of-living crisis.
  • The foresight to anticipate industry shifts, leverage cutting-edge technology responsibly, and steer your business toward not just meeting but exceeding consumer demands.  

Risks Beyond the Balance Sheet

In an era marked by climate change, cyber threats, geopolitical tensions, and global pandemics, the insurance market faces an ever-evolving landscape of risks that demand astute navigation.

This event is your gateway to mastering the skills and acquiring the knowledge necessary to adeptly tackle these multifaceted challenges head-on. 

You will benefit from:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the rapidly changing risk landscape and its profound impact on the insurance and long-term savings industry.
  • Equip yourself with the tools needed to work through these complexities while staying abreast of the evolving regulatory framework.
  • Delve into the critical aspects of operational resilience and the pivotal role of cultivating a robust organisational culture and discover why these factors must take precedence in the minds of future industry leaders.

By attending this event, you'll not only be prepared to tackle present challenges but also poised to lead the industry forward, armed with the foresight and expertise necessary.

Team Challenge

The team challenge isn't about passive learning—it's an immersive opportunity for active participation and application of your newfound knowledge from the programme. 

You will simulate a real-world scenario and craft an industry-wide response and strategy. Imagine being at the forefront, strategically considering the intricate web of political, regulatory, and consumer impacts that shape our industry's landscape. Your innovative response will undergo rigorous evaluation by a panel of seasoned experts and industry leaders, providing you with feedback and insights. 

These scenarios are meticulously designed to mirror authentic policy issues encountered in the industry, triggered by events such as shifts in government policies, influential social media campaigns, or even critical data breaches. Through this hands-on experience, you'll not only test your comprehension but also hone your problem-solving abilities in a dynamic, real-life context. 

By actively engaging in this exercise, you'll emerge not only with a deeper comprehension of the course's concepts but also equipped with practical skills, ready to tackle similar challenges with confidence and finesse in your professional journey. 


Members  £3,700 + VAT
Associate Members | MGA Associate Members | Partners £4,235 + VAT
Non-Members £4,920 + VAT