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ABI Future Leaders


What is it? 

The ABI Future Leaders programme is an award-winning executive development programme for up and coming senior insurance industry leaders. The year-long course will help equip senior leaders with the expertise they need to lead insurance and long-term savings companies and will introduce them to key influencers outside of the industry, legislatorsregulators, as well as exposing them to existing CEOs.  

Who should take part? 

The programme is aimed at up and coming senior leaders who can use what they learn almost immediately. This will typically be a senior manager with a significant line or functional responsibility with high potential for a more senior leadership position and they will report into the Executive Committee.  

Commitment to diversity 

The ABI is committed to supporting diverse talent in the industry and we aim for a 50/50 gender balance on this programme. We encourage member firms to use the programme to complement their own efforts and consider applications from suitable candidates that represent diversity of thought and background.  

What to expect*

Event one

A one-day interactive session where you will be introduced to the external drivers affecting the sector, from experts from inside and outside the industry. You will also hear first-hand from CEOs and industry leaders on their leadership challenges and reflections on their careers.

Event two 

two-day future-focused workshop to identify the most important and disruptive trends set to impact the industry. A series of interactive exercises will help you consider how your business might adapt, followed by a networking dinner. 

Event three

An interactive session to equip you with the expertise of UK regulation, international trade and taxation, before you develop an influencing position on a key industry issue.

Event four

Bringing together knowledge gained throughout the programme, a two-day challenge to develop in groups an industry-level response to a set scenario and present for debriefing before a panel of industry leaders. ABI experts will be on hand for consultation throughout the exercise.

For further enquiries please email futureleaders@abi.org.uk.

*Please note the programme is currently being developed and may be subject to change.