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Membership Benefits & Joining the ABI

We help you get the inside track

  • Our UK Public Affairs team is connected across Whitehall, Westminster, Holyrood, Cardiff and Belfast - bringing insights to members about the political thinking that will impact the sector.
  • We gain insight and shape global thinking as members of representative bodies such as Insurance Europe and the Global Federation of Insurance Associations.
  • The EU & International team has formed strong working relationships with key individuals in HM Treasury and the Department for International Trade and has successfully inputted into Government on our priority markets – notably for the UK-China and UK-India Economic and Financial Dialogues. 
  • In 2019 we welcomed 17 international delegations to share knowledge and insights about our respective markets.

We engage with UK, EU and international regulators and policymakers through our dedicated, expert teams.

We reduce the cost of influence

  • We shaped legislation that will take forward all of our key recommendations on pensions dashboards, with ABI representation on the Steering Group. 
  • Investigating and prosecuting insurance fraud: the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) is a bespoke police unit funded by the ABI and Lloyd’s of London members (£4m pa) and hosted by the City of London Police within the Economic Crime Directorate. ABI and Lloyd’s members can refer cases to IFED for investigation and enforcement. Since it became operational in January 2012, IFED has convicted more than 500 insurance fraudsters and achieved in excess of 1,500 additional positive outcomes including around 550 cautions. It has also secured more than 150 financial orders, with £3m being forfeited by fraudsters.

UK insurers face regulatory, policy and public challenges – we can help you meet those challenges.

We give your business a bigger voice

  • We work with over 300 member firms representing over 90% of the UK insurance market. We also have over 50 Associate Members and Partners. 
  • The ABI Public Affairs team in numbers: 65 mentions in Parliament; 97 meetings with MPs, MLAs and Peers; 12 Select and Bill Committee appearances on diversity and inclusion and general insurance pricing and 22 meetings with Ministers. 
  • Additionally, in 2019 we held a reception with the 1922 Committee and a Women to Win event at the Conservative Party Conference which the Prime Minister attended. We also held a round table event with the Fabians at the Labour Party Conference. 
  • In 2019 the ABI conducted over 87 broadcast interviews and had over 11,000 mentions in the press. We now have over 11,000 LinkedIn followers, 20,000 Twitter followers and had nearly 2 million website visits.

We amplify our members’ views - policymakers in the UK, EU and  internationally look to us for the industry perspective.

We get the right people together

  • Members take part in 85 committees and working groups where they can discuss and contribute to shaping policy with over 175 meetings a year.
  • Over 70% of ABI events are free for members. In 2019 we delivered over 40 agenda setting events covering a range of topics including autonomous vehicles, tax and operational resilience. They featured 31 ministers and regulators as speakers and we welcomed more than 2,300 delegates.
  • We help support better diversity and inclusion in the industry through our award-winning Future Leaders Programme, our Why Insurance Matters events, and our dedicated Talent and Diversity Network.
  • We liaise between industry and HMT, HMRC, FOS, DHSC, NHS England, and DWP to resolve issues/proactively prevent issues arising. 
  • We successfully lobbied to deliver the Civil Liability Act which modernises the framework for the Discount Rate and reforms the system of compensation for low cost personal injury claims.

Regulators, politicians, policymakers and experts all engage with the ABI so they can reach our members and in response, give members an insight into their thinking and work programmes.

We support your business now and for the future

  • ABI in-house experts: working for your interests are over 60 staff working across policy/regulation, PA and media/comms, whose work includes 11 product lines from extended warranty to protection, and 12 topics and issues from climate change to Solvency II.
  • We secured refinements to Solvency II from the PRA – including recognition of dynamic volatility adjustment, reduced reporting requirements for small firms and commitment to reform the Risk Margin once there is more Brexit certainty.
  • The ABI has identified key industry priorities for Brexit, and is advocating these to Government, regulators and other stakeholders. We have facilitated close industry engagement with HM Treasury and PRA on the Brexit ‘onshoring’ of Solvency II, and secured several significant changes to the draft legislation, policy clarifications from HMT and commitments to give firms transitional relief.
  • The ABI, driven by members, has been instrumental in setting up practical organisations to provide solutions for people and the industry such as MedCo, IFED, Flood Re and the Pensions Dashboard.

We help our members prepare their business for change that comes from regulation and policymaking; with no conflicts of interest we can share best practice and take action to protect our members’ interests.


What's Included in Your Membership?

Access to Member-Only Events

The ABI holds a range of award-winning events from member only technical briefings to major strategy conferences with influential keynote speakers. ABI events are CII accredited for CPD points and over 70% are free for members. Your staff will also receive member rates for a number of other ABI events.

Through our events the ABI facilitates opportunities to hear from and talk directly with regulators and decision-makers at the heart of Government. With over 2,300 delegates attending events in 2019, the ABI also provides excellent networking with peers.

Inclusion in the Member Networks

Our expert policy, regulatory and advocacy teams lead a number of events for members and provide a range of services including:

  • Our exclusive NEDs and Chairs Network with over 350 individuals from member companies receiving a dedicated newsletter and exclusive invitations to events.
  • Regular roundtable meetings bringing Associate Members and Members together.
  • Executives’ Club breakfasts with guests from FOS, FCA, PRA, and Government.

We provide newsletters across most of our areas of work including:

Conduct Regulation / Compliance Prudential Regulation
AI Regulation General Insurance
Tax Director General's Note
Events Pet
Fraud & Financial Crime Property
Health & Protection Long Term Savings & Retirement

Exclusive Access to the Member Lounge

Relax with a coffee, charge your tech and use our exclusive member lounge to work and meet - no need to book ahead!

First-View Industry Data and Statistics

As an ABI member, all staff have free access to ABI industry statistics, including premium and claims data, quarterly new business surveys, assets under management, plus many ad hoc collections and historical data, saving up to £26,000 per year

Free Membership to the ABI Brexit Unit

As an ABI member – you have free access to our expertise, insight and practical guidance on Brexit.

What does our Brexit Unit deliver?

  • Regular email updates providing the latest news and insight about the Brexit process and all related policy implications.
  • Access to experts who are plugged into the Brexit processes to hear the latest insights – through Committees or 1-2-1’s.
  • Conferences and events throughout the process to help members hear from the key players in this unique process.
  • Option for a free Brexit workshop/teach-in for your firm – we can bring our expertise and insight to you and your staff.
  • Guidance and help navigating the political and media landscape.
  • Monitoring and alerts to significant developments and risks emerging from the Brexit process.


More information

To become a member of ABI and to find out more about our membership options 

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Who can join the ABI?

Membership of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) is open to firms whose principal business is: i) underwriting contracts of insurance or providing long-term pensions products; ii) managing the underwriting capacity of a Lloyd’s syndicate; iii) acting as a trustee of a pension fund or otherwise being responsible for the provisions of pension benefits; or iv) intermediating the provision of such products in i) above including as a Lloyd’s coverholder or by providing platform services. The types of firms we can welcome into membership therefore include master trusts, platforms, managing general agents, brokers which operate structures which would, in themselves, be eligible for membership and Lloyd’s managing agents and coverholders.

Our conditions of membership can be found here