• Third Party Assistance Claimant Guide (PDF, 2MB)

    (PDF, 2MB)

    This guide explains how the other side’s insurer or appointed claims handler (‘the insurer’) may be able to assist you, and what your rights are when dealing with the insurer.

  • Small Pots Co-Ordination Group - Spring 2022 Report (PDF, 1MB)

    (PDF, 1MB)

    This publication has explored various solutions to tackle the issue of small deferred pension pots in the automatic enrolment (AE) workplace pension market, and narrowed them down to three options. It has been written by an industry group, jointly convened by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA).

  • Automatic Enrolment: What Will The Next Decade Bring? (PDF, 1MB)

    (PDF, 1MB)

    Marking 10 years since the dawn of automatic enrolment, this publication is building on the success of the last 10 years of Automatic Enrolment pensions policy. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) is calling on the Government to set out how pension contributions can be increased and the eligibility criteria widened to encourage people to save more over the next decade.

  • Carbon Emissions Template (XLSX, 252kB)

    (XLSX, 252kB)

    A Joint PLSA/ABI/IA Working Group developed the Carbon Emissions Template (CET) to help pension schemes meet their obligations under the Climate Change Governance and Reporting Regulations, and associated DWP Statutory Guidance, and to help insurers and investment managers fulfil their obligations under the FCA’s new ESG Sourcebook as set out in PS21/24.

  • ABI data principles for supporting vulnerable customers (PDF, 92kB)

    (PDF, 92kB)

    This document sets out general principles of how firms operating across our sectors can approach the needs of vulnerable customers, specifically when obtaining and processing their personal data, and aims to support firms in doing so.

  • Home Insurance and the role of Claims Management Companies Top tips from the ABI (PDF, 153kB)

    (PDF, 153kB)

    Home Insurance and the role of Claims Management Companies Top tips from the ABI.