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Insurance and long-term savings: How they work for you

The ABI's Insurance and Long-Term Savings Key Facts guide offers facts and figures about UK insurance and its significant contribution both to the economy and society.

The UK insurance and long-term savings industry is the largest in Europe and the fourth largest in the world.

It plays an essential part in the UK’s economic strength, contributing over £16billion in taxes, paid to and collected for the Government, and managing investments of £1.6trillion.

It employs over 300,000 individuals, of which around a third are employed directly by providers with the remainder in auxiliary services such as broking.

Read Key Facts 2022  

The guide provides data from 2020 (unless otherwise stated).

Claims Acceptance Rates

The latest data on claims acceptance rates for private motor, domestic property and travel insurance claims shows that in 2018/19:

For private motor, the average claim pay-out declined by £33 on 2017/18 to £2,907, with 99% of claims paid. For domestic property the percentage of claims paid decreased 2017/18 to 82%, while the average claim increased to £3,690.

Travel insurers paid over £1,051 per claim in 2018/19 and the claims acceptance rate fell to 87%.

Previous data on claims acceptance rates can be found here.

The ABI has a website dedicated to helping customers understand general insurance products better. The Insurance Experiments features a series of 15 short animations with a particular focus on property insurance. Better understanding of how general insurance products work will reduce the risk of any claim being declined. 

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Former ABI Code Lists

The former ABI code lists (such as construction, occupation and claims types) are now managed for the insurance industry by Polaris. Enquiries relating to subscription to the lists should be directed here.

Enquiries relating to Code List 44 (Vehicle Identification Codes) should be directed to Thatcham at https://www.thatcham.org/what-we-do/group-rating.

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