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Licences and subscriptions


Data is available under two different licences – internal use and external use.

Internal use: An internal use licence entitles you to use the data solely for Internal Business Purposes. This means the data cannot be disclosed, published, or otherwise shared with any third party, including any analysis based on or derived from it.

See our Internal use subscription terms here:

External use: An external use licence entitles you to use the data to conduct market analysis and use it for external reports or articles.

You must not re-sell the data or provide a copy, or access to, any substantial part of it to a third party (including to the public at large) without first getting permission from the ABI.

See our external use subscription terms here.

Members: ABI Members have free access to our data under the current Internal Use licence.

If you have any questions about the data or the different licences feel free to get in touch with the Data & Analytics team via the Contact ABI Data and Analytics form.


Subscription packages are typically valid until the end of the current calendar year.

The packages are sold under multi-user licences. This means that you are free to share the data with colleagues inside your own organisation. It is your responsibility, as the subscriber, to ensure that any users within your organisation understand and meet the above licence terms.

If a subscription is purchased by a credit or debit card, a password will be provided that will allow immediate access to the data.

If a subscription is purchased by invoice, a password will be provided that will allow access to the data once the invoice has been paid.