• Whiplash Reforms: One year on, success or failure?


    Ahead of the ABI’s event on Tuesday 24 May – ‘Whiplash Reforms: One year on, success or failure?’ and the first anniversary of the much-anticipated reforms, James Dalton, the ABI’s Director of General Insurance Policy, takes stock and assesses some of the impacts arising from the changes.

  • On your doorstep? Modern slavery, human trafficking and the insurance industry


    Slavery is not just an historic issue; it’s a thriving illegal industry, the third most profitable crime globally and props up a variety of other financial crimes. Awareness of how the insurance industry can be exposed to the practice is vital if we are to crack down on this damaging and destructive criminal activity.

  • Building greater resilience through workplace group risk benefits


    Ron Wheatcroft, Technical Manager, L&H UKI, at Swiss Re

    Following the publication of its annual Group Watch report, Swiss Re’s Ron Wheatcroft looks at the policy issues facing the group risk market.

  • What does the insurance industry make of Levelling Up


    With the Government expected to introduce legislation to implement their Levelling Up White Paper, the ABI looks at how the Bill can help reform our planning system, increase our resilience to climate change and flooding as well as boost investment and improve individuals’ financial resilience, health and wellbeing.

  • Seizing the opportunity for Financial Services Regulatory Reform


    With the Government expected to introduce comprehensive reforms to the regulation of financial services in a new Financial Services Bill, the industry sets out our views on a competitiveness objective for the regulators and ensuring that Government set clear direction for the regulators in legislation.

  • Time for action on the advice gap


    Simplifying pensions language

    The Government and FCA have acknowledged that people need more help in making decisions about accessing pensions, as well as starting to invest. The Queen’s Speech is an opportunity to set a new direction for advice so that providers can offer more support when customers need it.

  • What Are the Seats to Watch Out For?


    Belfast City Hall

    It’s election day and ahead of the 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly Election, the ABI’s Public Affairs Team are here to give some final insight on what the key seats to watch at this election are and why, alongside what new polling is suggesting the results could be.

  • Future of Transport: is the future here?


    Electric car charging at a charging point

    We have been living through a huge transformation in how we move around. Vehicles are increasingly complex, alternative fuels are becoming more mainstream, and we are adopting new modes of transport. However, as in most cases, legislation lags behind innovation. We want to work with the Government to create a more advanced, efficient, safe, green, and inclusive transportation sector.

  • Stormont – A Brief Political History


    View of Belfast with the river Lagan

    With one day until voters head to the polls, the ABI’s Public Affairs Team give a brief political history of Stormont ahead of the 2022 Assembly election.

  • Zurich's Anirudh Puranik on the positive impact of flexible working


    Anirudh Puranik, or Ani as he is also known, has been working at Zurich Municipal for 15 years this year. Ani has taken advantage of Zurich’s flexible working policy for many years and discusses the positive impact it has had on his family and work life balance.