• Guest Blog: Insurance Climate Transition – Opportunity, Strategy and Climate Transition Planning


    The Climate Transition Plan (TPT) Taskforce, launched by HM Treasury in April 2022, is a significant development in the global effort to combat climate change. Chirag Shah, Bridget Beals and Joshua Holbrook discuss its far-reaching implications for the insurance industry.

  • Seeking Clarification on Mixed Injuries Claims at the Supreme Court


    What is the appropriate level of compensation for road traffic accident claims which include overlapping whiplash and other, minor physical injuries? This has been a topic of debate in the insurance industry since the introduction of the Civil Liability Act, and one that we’ve sought clarity on in the Court of Appeal and have now taken to the Supreme Court.

  • Fire Safety Reinsurance Facility – update on efforts to support leaseholders


    Our Director of General Insurance, Mervyn Skeet, provides an update on progress to launch a Fire Safety Reinsurance Facility.

  • King's Speech November 2023


    In May 2022, The Prince of Wales delivered the last Queen’s Speech, announcing a bumper package of 38 Bills to be introduced to Parliament, including flagship legislation promised in the 2019…

  • UK Fraud Strategy: Why the Government’s Plan to Ban Cold Calling Needs Further Consideration


    Fraud is the single largest crime type in England and Wales, so we support the intention of an extended ban on cold calling to reduce fraud and protect innocent members of the public. However, it is important that any ban on cold calling is in line with the policy intent set out in the UK Fraud Strategy to prevent fraudsters from duping people into buying fake investments or other financial products.

  • Pension Attention


    Behold! After the huge hit that was Pension Attention season one (2022) – which saw grime artist Big Zuu create a pensions rap – today is the launch of the second season (2023)

  • 2023 Interns


    Follow through the journey of our five Interns at ABI as they discover more about the ABI, the insurance industry, and themselves.

  • Tracking the Trackers


    We cut through the publicity around the various insurance premium surveys and trackers, to explain why our Premium Trackers give an accurate picture of what people are actually paying for their motor and home insurance.

  • Cyber Threats: Landmark Ruling Signals Importance of Clear Policy Language


    A recent court ruling in New Jersey is seen as important marker for the coverage of cyber risks. The decision addressed coverage for the 2017 NotPetya malware attack and, although the case did not regard a standalone cyber insurance policy, it underscored the need for clear policy language regarding cyber risks. It highlights the evolving nature of cyber threats and the necessity for insurance policies to address them explicitly. But even then challenges around uncertainty in this newly evolving area may still remain.

  • Launch of the ABI Guide to Action on Nature


    As the trade body for the UK’s insurance and long-term savings sector, we have placed protecting people and planet at the heart of our work. Today we are launching our ‘Guide to Action on Nature' , written in collaboration with Will McDonald, to demystify the topic, building on the wealth of evidence, best practice and tools available. It also identifies drivers for change and next steps for the industry. In his guest blog, Will speaks to how those in our industry can start to address nature and biodiversity.