• The long read: Risks and Benefits of Pensions Dashboards


    A great deal has been written about Pensions Dashboards since DWP published their feasibility study in December last year. Much of this coverage has focussed on perceived risks that could be created…

  • IBM becomes the largest Associate Member of the ABI


    The insurance industry in the UK is facing a rapidly changing landscape with new value chains, greater need for customer engagement, scrutiny from regulators and a need to transform cost models. The…

  • Impatient for change


    I’m not a stats person. I’m usually much more comfortable with words than I am with numbers, but working in an industry driven by data, I know the importance of hard stats to tell a story. And the…

  • Re-establishing trust is job #1 for insurers


    Insurance is a deferred promise of restitution. It is founded on the belief that potential problems will be swiftly resolved and lives can be returned to normal. This belief is central to…

  • Working towards 100


    can insurers rise to the challenge of an ageing population?

  • Managing longevity & investment risk in an uncertain world


    There's only one overarching risk in pensions: not having enough money to meet your needs later in life. Underneath that, there are several uncertainties, like how much money you will need, how…

  • Q&A with Richard Rowney, Group Chief Executive, LV=


    How have client expectations of engagement changed in the past  5 years? What is one thing which clients expect from their provider now which they didn’t 5 years ago? Relevancy is becoming more…

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    The advance of technology in insurance offers plenty of exciting opportunities. Digitising more of the claims process has the power to greatly improve customer experience. And use of better data…

  • Fire safety in a post-Grenfell world


    The Fire Breakout at the ABI’s Annual Conference represents an opportunity to discuss with leading experts where both the Government and the insurance industry has got to in managing…

  • The future of societal risk - and what it means for insurance and long-term savings