• Reflections on the ABI's October 2020 Diversity Summit


    Many still believe it’s too political to discuss diversity in the workplace – but, for me, I can’t leave my diversity at the door when I come to work. If people like me are in the workplace, diversity is – by default – a workplace issue.

  • A Time for Change


    Time for change is an apt phrase for the year 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic and global responses to it have forced us to examine the ways that we trade, work and socialise.

  • Has Covid-19 changed the world of work, and women’s place in it?


    Yvonne Braun, our Executive Sponsor for Diversity and Inclusion, blogs on how remote working as a result of the coronavirus pandemic has changed perceptions around places and structures of work, the gendered impacts of these changes and the challenges and opportunities this radical shift might present in future.

  • Reflections on HeforShe mentoring


    As part of his support for the HeForShe campaign, ABI Director General, Huw Evans, committed to mentoring women in the industry. Now in its second year, ABI’s HeForShe…