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We want the insurance and long-term savings industry to be the most diverse, equitable and inclusive sector of the UK economy. 

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Our DEI Blueprint is a multi-year strategy and work plan that outlines how we wish to work together with our members and other external stakeholders to achieve this mission.
Having a collective commitment across our three themes: Attract, Grow and Advance, we are dedicated to driving change. 



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Introducing the Three Key Principles of Our Blueprint

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For genuine inclusivity, we recognise the significance of 'intersectionality,' understanding that each individual may confront various factors simultaneously, leading to discrimination or exclusion.  

Thus, initiatives targeting individual groups or characteristics must be integrated into a wider framework for maximum effectiveness. As such, within this Blueprint, we have outlined three overarching themes - Attract, Grow and Advance - that will serve as the conduits but will inevitably interlink and overlap in places.


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Members who have contributed to our most recent DEI Data Collection can access our latest DEI data




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