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Unlocking Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Our Commitment

We have developed two voluntary initiatives for our own members to promote best practice on Flexible Work and Parental Leave. 

We continue to place a particular emphasis on these areas because, by doing more to help employees when their life circumstances change, we can retain their talent and experience. This provides a larger talent pool to recruit into senior positions in future. 

Our ambition is also to look at how we can extend existing policy initiatives to include information on other major life events, such as care responsibilities; fertility treatment; bereavement; miscarriage; menopause; injury or ill-health; and being a victim of crime.  

Making Flexible Work Charter and Campaign: Redefining Work-life Balance 

This initiative is not just about accommodating individual needs; it's about fostering an environment where everyone can contribute their best, irrespective of their circumstances.  

Transparent Parental Leave and Pay: Promoting Equity in Parenthood 

We understand that parental responsibilities should never be a barrier to career advancement or financial stability. By providing transparent information on parental leave and pay, this initiative aims to empower parents to make informed choices, maintain financial security, and continue to progress in their careers without compromise. The initiative encourages firms to make this information available to current employees and potential candidates alike.