• Turbulence ahead – quarterly tax update


    In my March blog, ‘Budgeting for Uncertainty’ I outlined some areas, both in specific technical areas and the wider environment, in which clarity was sought. Hard to imagine then the surprise general election (generating another period of HMRC ‘purdah’) and the perhaps greater surprise of the outcome. Clarity and stability, therefore, still command a premium.

  • Indirect Tax – Reflections on the Autumn Statement


    Not since the Autumn Statement replaced the Pre-Budget Report in 2010 has the UK’s second fiscal event taken place against a backdrop of greater uncertainty. With the twin unknowns of a Trump…

  • Indirect Tax and Insurance: back to business as usual?


    The tax authorities must face the prospect of the Autumn months with some resolve: there is much to be done to keep the ship of business, and the UK economy, on course.