• Health and taxation policies need to align if we truly want to build a healthier workforce


    Whilst the Health is Everyone’s Business green paper recognises the value of insurance in managing workplace health, it raises questions about HMRC’s approach to the taxation of Group Income Protection policies.

  • Health is everyone's business


    The Government has published its response to the Health is Everyone’s Business green paper. Focusing on the link between work and health, the response signals increasing recognition of the value of insurance in minimising the risk of ill-health related job loss through better workplace health. The challenge now is for insurers to demonstrate the role of insurance in supporting health outcomes.

  • Insurance has no part to play in providing for the nation's health - debate!


    If that isn’t a provocative statement, I don’t know what is. It is the elephant in the room and why we are holding this debate at our Annual Conference on 25 February. The National Health…