• Has Covid-19 changed the world of work, and women’s place in it?


    Yvonne Braun, our Executive Sponsor for Diversity and Inclusion, blogs on how remote working as a result of the coronavirus pandemic has changed perceptions around places and structures of work, the gendered impacts of these changes and the challenges and opportunities this radical shift might present in future.

  • Holiday season has returned! But how do we make sure we can go away safely?


    After months of lockdown, the Government’s recent announcement of a list of countries that are now considered safe to travel to will come as a huge relief for many.

  • Why pensions tax relief change needs consultation and consensus


    Following last week’s publication of a briefing note by the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) on pension tax relief, our taxation policy adviser, Dan Gallon has blogged on the background to the…

  • The changing world of work


    Change to income protection methodology

    This week the ABI responded to the Work and Pensions Select Committee Inquiry into the Department for Work and Pensions preparedness for the changes to the world of work. In this blog Public Affairs…

  • New Superfund regime


    Following yesterday’s announcement by The Pensions Regulator which the ABI warned was light touch, lacking in detail and may place pensions savers at risk, our Head of Long-term savings policy…

  • Covid-19 and long-term savings: supporting customers and adapting operations


    Issues currently facing the pensions and savings industry

    Ahead of our webinar on "Long-term savings operations: navigating unprecedented challenges" on 25 June, our Head of Long-Term Savings Policy, Rob Yuille, has blogged on how firms have sought to adapt to meet the changing needs of customers and the regulatory landscape through the COVID-19 Crisis. 

  • Rising to the challenge: Responding to the pandemic fraud threat


    With COVID-19 continuing to pose challenges for insurers and for customers, and the immediate focus on the scope of insurance cover and the need to support policyholders through this challenging…

  • How would a post-Coronavirus revolution on working from home affect our mental health?


    To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, ABI Policy Adviser, Health and Protection, Jo Scott, has written on how the rumoured post-Coronavirus revolution on working from home may affect our mental…

  • The Future of Conduct Regulation


    As we moved full steam ahead into 2020, there was a good opportunity to reflect on the future of conduct regulation in the context of a post-Brexit world, a renewed political agenda and a leadership change in progress at the top of the FCA...

  • James Dalton: Adapting to the challenges of COVID-19


    As the insurance sector continues to adapt to new challenges in response to COVID-19, Director of General Insurance Policy, James Dalton, has highlighted here some of the action taken by the sector…