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Summer 2023 Interns


As the 2023 six-weeks internship cycle comes to an end, our interns David (Data & Analytics), Maria (DEI and General Insurance), Marion (Prudential Regulation), Maureen (Campaigns and Marketing) and Osaze (Membership), tell us how their time at the ABI has been.

What did you enjoy most about this internship?


Intern 3.pngDavid - What I enjoyed most was how personalised my experience was. I felt that the internship was really tailored to my needs (as well as the ABI’s of course) and this helped me achieve all the targets I had set for myself.

Maria - The meaningful and impactful nature of the projects I worked on.

Marion - I enjoyed getting to know people the most. Everyone says it a lot, but it’s true that the ABI is very friendly! At socials that were arranged by the Sports and Social Committee, I was able to get to know everyone in the office more, and my colleagues were always happy to chat and help me out when I had a problem.

Maureen – The work culture and values of the ABI has made my internship enjoyable. Everyone is very friendly and appreciative. I also enjoyed getting to know more about the insurance and long-term savings industry. It took me by surprise how broad the sector can be, and it’s wide-ranging impacts to the society.

Osaze - The mentorship and kindness that everyone showed throughout the internship. I have learned so much about tax, policy, and regulation through scheduling sessions with different teams across the ABI. The mentorship allowed me to express what I wanted to do and encouraged me to achieve this.


What has been your most memorable moment?

David – It must be the evening when the Sports & Social committee arranged boules for ABI staff. I got to socialise with many people outside my team and it was a fun evening. I don’t think I’d have ever tried boules otherwise!

Maria – It must be when my line manager, Liisa, and I attended the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Women & Work, as ABI is a sponsor. The APPG provides a forum to constructively examine and debate the role that policymakers can play to deliver gender balance within the economy. It was a privilege to be involved and hear so many touching testimonials from incredible women. 

Intern 2.png

Marion – There’s so many to choose from! I think presenting my project will make a lasting impression on me. My team and mentor all came to watch, and I appreciated their interest with my work. We had a great discussion about the topic afterward. Although I had been quite nervous, by the end of the discussion I felt very rewarded that all my work over the past six weeks had concluded so well.

Maureen – The best thing about working at the ABI is the people. It sounds like everyone says it but it’s true. Moreover, the events organised by the Sports & Social Committee, ranging from a Boules evening to terrace socials, are great fun and a good opportunity to get to know colleagues away from work.

Osaze - Meeting with Hannah (the Director General) and discussing her career journey and how she progressed, achieved, and explored through her career. She’s inspired me to do something similar.


What was your experience working on your project and as part of your team?

David – It was quite the process. It took me a short while to understand pensions and know how much detail I needed but I made sure that I’d ask a lot of questions. This helped me understand how my work would be useful after I leave and helped me to avoid overcomplicating it.

Intern 1.pngMaria - Both of my teams were very welcoming, and even though I had no background in this industry they were very supportive.

Marion - Working on my project was a very valuable experience, my project was centred around climate and sustainability reporting. As ESG is such a hot topic, it was beneficial for me to delve deep into what the industry is doing to combat climate change. My line manager was very supportive, and we had regular catchups which guided my project in the right direction.

I couldn’t have asked for better colleagues in the Prudential team! Everyone was very happy to help with my queries and I learnt so much from them. I enjoyed our regular team meetings, quizzes and chats and they had a big role to play in shaping the positive experience I had at the ABI.

From the moment I set foot, I felt the welcoming nature of the organisation.

Maureen - I learnt a lot researching on my project, the Marketing of ABI’s data packages, which I found interesting. My team is very co-operative and driven, it is truly a power team. From the moment I set foot, I felt the welcoming nature of the organisation, and I’m glad to have the worked alongside it.

Osaze - Working on my project helped me to learn so much about analysing annual reports and improved both my researching skills and my excel skills. I enjoyed learning about the different insurance companies in the country, what life insurance is and what they cover.


How did you find ABI’s work environment, culture, and values?

David – The work environment is great; the office looks clean, there is a nice view of the city. Everyone I’ve come across is friendly and approachable. Also, the flexibility in terms of hybrid working really makes things easier especially with London transport being very unpredictable! The ABI values are great, I can see myself taking these everywhere I go – especially bravery and ownership.

Maria – I enjoyed the working environment; everyone’s opinion is valued.

Marion - Very friendly and welcoming. The ABI looks after your own personal development and growth as well as the work. I found the mentor scheme helpful, and my mentor was eager to give me advice on my future career journey. My line managers were always checking on me to make sure I wasn’t overloaded with work and it’s clear that everyone treats each other with respect and kindness.

Intern 4.pngMaureen – I absolutely adore the company culture especially the open-door policy that encouraged me to talk to more people and ask questions easily. The ABI values, especially brave, resonate with me so it makes the place extra special.

Osaze – There’s a good work environment with a friendly, kind, and productive culture. Colleagues reflect this culture too, so I knew it was embedded well.


During their six weeks, the interns took over our Instagram to make reels showing what they get up to. Watch them all here and don’t forget to follow us.



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