• Financial inclusion: A tough challenge in tough times


    Broadening financial inclusion requires sustained and focused effort from industry working together with government regulators and consumer groups. 

  • The radical pot for life proposal that could upend Automatic Enrolment and its success


    Could the proposed changes to workplace pensions mean an end to the success of Automatic Enrolment? New research commissioned by the ABI from WPI Economics examines the challenges and potential pitfalls of radical reform.

  • Consumer guidance around Lifetime Allowance implementation issues


    The abolition of the Lifetime Allowance (LTA) in the 2023 Spring Budget was a very welcome step and something we had anticipated would simplify the pension system. However, we have concerns that the implementation of the regime designed to replace the LTA – may have some negative impacts on policyholders.

  • Guest Blog: Plotting a Course Towards Improved Member-centric, Effective Pensions Industry Models


    In 2023 a raft of new initiatives emerged aimed to stimulate reform of the UK pensions industry including from the savers’ perspective, tackling the proliferation of small pots, the idea of a Pot for Life and a Lifetime provider. With industry still working to implement the Pensions Dashboard what is the sequence for delivering these significant potential improvements to the system that can be introduced sensibly and incrementally? SuperChoice, based on experience with similar markets such as Australia, outlines its thoughts on a possible course.

  • Guest Blog: Insurance Climate Transition – Opportunity, Strategy and Climate Transition Planning


    The Climate Transition Plan (TPT) Taskforce, launched by HM Treasury in April 2022, is a significant development in the global effort to combat climate change. Chirag Shah, Bridget Beals and Joshua Holbrook discuss its far-reaching implications for the insurance industry.

  • Seeking Clarification on Mixed Injuries Claims at the Supreme Court


    What is the appropriate level of compensation for road traffic accident claims which include overlapping whiplash and other, minor physical injuries? This has been a topic of debate in the insurance industry since the introduction of the Civil Liability Act, and one that we’ve sought clarity on in the Court of Appeal and have now taken to the Supreme Court.