• Time to put dormant assets towards good causes


    How do I find my pension?

    The Dormant Assets Scheme has been expanded, opening up the potential for our sector to use its unclaimed funds to contribute to good causes in the UK, with customers still able to reclaim their money indefinitely. Hetty Hughes shares how insurers and pension providers can join the Scheme.

  • The Future of Investing for Change


    People want to know that their retirement savings are contributing towards a greener future, and are not invested in companies which are not a part of that journey. Social factors (the ‘S’ in ESG) are a lesser-known part of responsible investing, inside and outside of the financial services industry. Here, Zoe Pope discusses social factors and the opportunities to influence positive change.

  • Retirement income in the multiverse of projections


    Evey Tang discusses how retirement income projections can be inconsistent across different providers and income forecast you receive, even from the same provider, could be based on different assumptions. What can be done to bring the fragmented projection universe back into one, so consumers can have a single, simple, reliable estimated retirement income when planning their retirement?

  • Time for action on the advice gap


    Simplifying pensions language

    The Government and FCA have acknowledged that people need more help in making decisions about accessing pensions, as well as starting to invest. The Queen’s Speech is an opportunity to set a new direction for advice so that providers can offer more support when customers need it.