• Open Sesame: Unlocking the truth about the pensions dashboard


    Last weekend was Pension Awareness Day and we’ve just launched our own campaign to encourage younger workers to Love Your Pension.

  • The last mile is always the hardest: delivering the pensions dashboard


    When implementing any form of digital infrastructure, the last mile that takes the product to the consumer is always the most difficult. This is true for internet provision, electricity and phone…

  • It’s time to bring in the rules which will get meaningful pension information online for everyone


    In their book “The 100-Year Life – Living and Working in an Age of Longevity”, Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott describe “the gift of extra time”: “if you are now 20, you have a 50% chance of living to…

  • Pressing engagement: what behavioural interventions work in long-term savings?


    Pensions policy veterans and newcomers alike will be all too familiar with two big questions posed at hundreds of events over many years: how do we get people to save more, and how do we get people to make informed retirement decisions?

  • Sacred cows and golden geese: five reflections from the ABI Long Term Savings Conference


    The conference provided DWP with the chance to unveil their new boss in his first outing as Secretary of State for Work & Pensions - and an opportunity for him to set out his stall in front of the industry. In what would have been music to the ears of many in the room, Mr Gauke noted need for longer term thinking and “a well thought-out approach” to policy making, “built on a solid evidence base”.

  • Pension flexibility can also add complexity


    The flexible retirement rules introduced from April 2015 are proving to be very popular. However, while flexibility is beneficial, it adds complexity to already difficult decisions about retirement that many people may not have the knowledge, skills or motivation to tackle on their own.

  • Who is missing out on saving?


    Automatic enrolment (AE) has successfully brought millions of workers into long-term saving. Opt-out rates have been lower than expected and we have found that employers and the Industry have adapted well to the change. However, the retirement gap remains with 44% of people in the UK not saving adequately for retirement and nearly a fifth saving nothing at all.