• Why now is the time for senior job shares


    Job shares provide benefits for both employees and employers and, after Covid, with demand for greater work life balance high and a need for greater diversity at senior levels, now is the time for employers to capitalise and learn from best practice.

  • Gretel - reuniting lost assets with their owners


    Duncan Stevens, CEO of fintech specialist, Gretel, discusses the Dormant Asset Bill’s impact on the industry and asks, why do insurers struggle to reunite lost assets with their owners?

  • Job sharing: smashing glass ceilings and breaking down stereotypes


    There are many benefits of job sharing for employers and employees. Two brains on every problem increases the quality of all work and job share teams are more resilient and flexible than one person can be. Becky Morrison and Hannah Malik have job shared for 9 years and in this blog they talk about their experience, how job sharing has benefitted their work and what makes a successful partnership.

  • Health and taxation policies need to align if we truly want to build a healthier workforce


    Whilst the Health is Everyone’s Business green paper recognises the value of insurance in managing workplace health, it raises questions about HMRC’s approach to the taxation of Group Income Protection policies.

  • Health is everyone's business


    The Government has published its response to the Health is Everyone’s Business green paper. Focusing on the link between work and health, the response signals increasing recognition of the value of insurance in minimising the risk of ill-health related job loss through better workplace health. The challenge now is for insurers to demonstrate the role of insurance in supporting health outcomes.

  • Government rethink needed on Online Safety Bill to protect consumers from scammers


    Scams proliferated through online advertising have a devastating effect on people, with many victims losing their life savings. The Online Safety Bill presents an opportunity for Government to tackle online advertising and clamp down on this scam threat, and we urge government to heed the advice of the regulator, industry and civil society groups and act to protect customers.

  • Racing climate change: how insurers are picking up speed


    Climate change related financial risk is firmly on the agenda and minds of financial firms across the UK as they prepare for the first formal Climate Biennial Exploratory Scenario this year. Getting these things right take proper planning and Board level involvement. However, companies must remember this is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Change advice rules to help customers choose pension withdrawals


    Pension withdrawals are the key remaining challenge in helping people to navigate pension freedoms. Deciding when and how much income to draw from a pension can be complex, and people need far more support than most are currently getting. Changing the advice rules would enable providers to do more to help customers with these choices, building on the example set by investment pathways.

  • Is your data contributing to Global Warming?


    Global communication network

    An often-overlooked aspect to firms’ Climate and Sustainability agenda is the serious and significant environmental impact of excessive data storage. The attached blog sets out related considerations and the ways in which the Privacy and Environmental Sustainability agenda can align to support firms’ efforts to reduce their own emissions.

  • Building resilience in a fragile world


    Ray Dhirani – Head of Sustainable Finance, WWF-UK

    Shall we invest in projects that get us deeper into the climate crisis? Or in the solutions that could get us out of it? Find out how ABI members can come to the rescue.