• What should insurers want from the FCA business plan?


    Insurance and regulation

    For all of us in the regulatory community, April means one thing: the FCA business plan. Every year we wait with anticipation to react to any announcements, either welcoming or criticising the measures, all the while being acutely aware of the unenviable task that the FCA has on its hands.

  • Fraud Prevention and Detection: Collaboration Is Key At All Levels


    Synectics Solutions was delighted to sponsor the Insurance Innovators Conference for a second consecutive year which once again provided a fascinating insight into current fraud trends and talking points across the insurance industry.

  • Our Public Affairs Adviser Melanie Fernandes blogs on her career progression journey at the ABI


    Insurance careers

    I joined the ABI three years ago as the Advocacy Assistant, where I was responsible for delivering member and internal communications and managing print and design work. I then took up a joint assistant role supporting the ABI’s busy press office and public affairs team until I was promoted to Public Affairs Adviser last year.

  • What does the pension contribution change mean for me?


    Find out more about: automatic enrolment, incentives to save, keeping track of your pensions.

    ‘Automatic enrolment’ into workplace pensions was introduced in 2012 as a revolutionary way of helping people to save more for their retirement without having to lift a finger. So far, it has lived up to expectations and more than 9 million of us have automatically started putting little bits of our salary into a pension scheme each month.

  • Guest Blog: The Dormant Assets Scheme: re-uniting customers with lost money


    Since 2011 the Dormant Assets Scheme has distributed £600 million from unused bank and building society accounts to benefit the most vulnerable people in society.

  • Risks and Benefits of Pensions Dashboards


    Pensions dashboards

    A great deal has been written about Pensions Dashboards since DWP published their feasibility study in December last year. Much of this coverage has focussed on perceived risks that could be created and on the multiple dashboards model proposed by the department

  • IBM becomes the largest Associate Member of the ABI


    The insurance industry in the UK is facing a rapidly changing landscape with new value chains, greater need for customer engagement, scrutiny from regulators and a need to transform cost models. The…

  • Impatient for change


    I’m not a stats person. I’m usually much more comfortable with words than I am with numbers, but working in an industry driven by data, I know the importance of hard stats to tell a story. And the ABI’s annual diversity data collection is fundamental to understanding and telling the story of diversity and inclusion in the insurance and long-term savings industry.

  • Re-establishing trust is job #1 for insurers


    Insurance is a deferred promise of restitution. It is founded on the belief that potential problems will be swiftly resolved and lives can be returned to normal. This belief is central to the brand promise of insurance companies and their consequent commercial success.

  • Working towards 100


    Pre funded care plans

    Can insurers rise to the challenge of an ageing population?