• Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill: Legislating for the future of driving


    The Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill has received Royal Assent, putting into place the regulatory framework that will allow insurers to insure automated vehicles (AVs) when they start appearing…

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    Ethical hacking can help keep connected vehicles safe from exploitation by malicious hackers. Martin Hunt, Senior Business Development Director, Automotive Global Industry at BT, explains the…

  • The Future of Mobility?


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  • Assisted and Automated driving poses immediate challenges for international regulators


    he last twenty years has seen a dramatic improvement in the safety features protecting drivers involved in a car crash, with seatbelts, multiple airbags and side protection beams on every new model. But we’re now moving beyond the age of passive safety (protection in the event of a crash) into active features such as automated braking and lane control systems that assist the driver to help avoid the crash in the first place.