• Supporting Autistic Customers (PDF, 3MB)

    (PDF, 3MB)

    This report delves into the unique experiences of individuals on the autistic spectrum and reflects on how their customer journeys may be impacted when interacting with the General Insurance, Health & Protection, and Long-term Savings Industry

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  • Understanding the Impact of ‘Pot for Life’ Proposals (PDF, 644kB)

    (PDF, 644kB)

    Proposals to introduce member choice and stapling in workplace pensions in the UK have the potential to profoundly change the market for savers, employers, and providers. This report from WPI Economics brings together a range of evidence to set out what this could mean in practice, recognising the significant uncertainty around policy design and implementation.

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  • Thatcham Research: Insurer Requirements For Automated Vehicles (PDF, 1MB)

    (PDF, 1MB)

    This document identifies the key requirements of the motor insurance industry regarding automated vehicles. It builds on previous documents (Defining Safe Automated Driving, 2019), and is in direct response to the announcement of the Automated Vehicles Bill 2023.

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  • ABI Guide to Prepare for Dormant Assets (PDF, 709kB)

    (PDF, 709kB)

    This guide provides information and guidance to insurance and pensions providers who are considering participating in the Dormant Assets Scheme. It covers what products/asset types are in scope, steps participants need to take to reunite assets with their owners, how to prepare for a Dormant Asset Scheme project and the contractual terms required to join the scheme.

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