• Independent KPMG report released (PDF, 2MB)

    (PDF, 2MB)

    Today we are pleased to launch an independent KPMG report commissioned by the ABI demonstrating the potential impact on the UK’s economic productivity of HM Treasury’s (HMT) and the Prudential Regulation Authority’s (PRA) Solvency UK reform package.

    These reform proposals were outlined in the Government’s November 2022 response to its review of Solvency II consultation and further PRA consultations CP 12/23 (Review of Solvency II: Adapting to the UK insurance market) and CP 19/23 (Review of Solvency II : Reform of the Matching Adjustment) published in June and September 2023 respectively.

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  • Futureproofing Workplace Health: Scaling Up the Impact of Protection and Health Insurance (PDF, 2MB)

    (PDF, 2MB)

    The UK faces a labour shortage that is exceptional by the standards of other developed economies and by recent history. In contrast to many other developed economies, its labour supply has not returned to where it was prior to the pandemic. A major driver of this shortage is record-high levels of ill health related inactivity.

    This report quantifies the economic value of the contribution health and protection insurance makes towards supporting labour supply in the UK, by reducing the length and frequency of long-term sickness absence and ensuring that people do not drop of out of the labour market altogether.

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  • Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) Pension Modelling (PDF, 2MB)

    (PDF, 2MB)

    We commissioned this research by Milliman and Barnett Waddingham (MBW) to provide comments on several existing studies into the potential benefits of CDC pensions and to present MBW's own modelling results. It compares CDC pension outcomes to those that might be obtained by individuals accessing their Individual Defined Contribution benefits.

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  • Insurers’ Approach to People with Convictions and Related Offences (PDF, 6MB)

    (PDF, 6MB)

    Our voluntary Good Practice Guide has been produced to assist insurers in their treatment of personal lines household and motor customers with convictions and related offences. The guidance aims to help to ensure that insurers’ processes and procedures comply with, and exceed where appropriate, legal and regulatory requirements. 

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  • ABI Code of Practice on Misrepresentation and Claims July 2023 (PDF, 267kB)

    (PDF, 267kB)

    This ABI Code of Practice: Managing Claims Involving Misrepresentation for Individual and Group Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection Insurance Products, covers the continuing appropriate treatment of claims involving a non-disclosure or misrepresentation for UK individual and group life, critical illness, income protection and other long-term protection insurance contracts.

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  • Consumer Guide: Code on Genetic Testing and Insurance (PDF, 2MB)

    (PDF, 2MB)

    This updated consumer guide aims to help people understand the Code on Genetic Testing and Insurance, and provides users of the Code with the information they need to use it effectively. The guide also provides information to help people respond to the Department of Health and Social Care’s 2023 Call for Evidence.

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  • Guide to Action on Nature (PDF, 5MB)

    (PDF, 5MB)

    As the trade body for the UK’s insurance and long-term savings sector, we have placed protecting people and planet at the heart of our work. We have launched our ‘Guide to Action on Nature', written in collaboration with Will McDonald, to demystify the topic, and build on the wealth of evidence, best practice and tools available. It also identifies drivers for change and next steps for the industry.

    Download the Executive Summary

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  • Investing in our Future: Delivering for Savers and the Economy (PDF, 9MB)

    (PDF, 9MB)

    Our latest Pension Investment Report outlines the current state of play for UK pension arrangements and pensions, details how policy has shaped pension fund scheme investment, and provides specific recommendations and broad principles that should apply to any intervention the Government considers.

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  • Survey Report: Public attitudes towards health and protection insurance, alongside NHS services (PDF, 725kB)

    (PDF, 725kB)

    This survey report, commissioned by the ABI from Public First, evaluates public attitudes towards the role of health and protection insurance, alongside NHS services, in helping people to live healthier lives and preventing ill health longer term. The study also investigates how people feel about access to independent healthcare and whether this differs if it is through insurance provided by an employer. 


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  • Closing the Evidence Gap: How Insurance Supports Good Health and Productivity (PDF, 9MB)

    (PDF, 9MB)

    For the first time, we have collected data from our health and protection members to show how many people use insurer-provided health services and demonstrate the impact of insurer-provided vocational rehabilitation on workplace health. In this report, we present key findings and recommendations aimed at helping employers and individuals reduce NHS backlogs, increase workforce participation, and improve the health and well-being of the nation.

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  • Guide: Preparing for participation in the Dormant Assets Scheme (PDF, 709kB)

    (PDF, 709kB)

    This guide provides information and guidance to insurance and pensions providers who are considering participating in the Dormant Assets Scheme. It covers what products/asset types are in scope, steps participants need to take to reunite assets with their owners and how to prepare for a dormant asset scheme project.

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  • Survey on GP experience of medical reporting for insurance (PDF, 4MB)

    (PDF, 4MB)

    This report presents the findings and recommendations from a survey commissioned by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) from GP Online to understand GP and Practice Manager experiences and perceptions of Electronic Health Reporting (EHR) software.

    The survey results were written up by the ABI and EHR Working Group, which is made up of experts from the insurance industry, through consultation with medical practitioners and EHR software providers. 

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  • Code on core risk data for multi-occupancy buildings with fire risk issues  (PDF, 312kB)

    (PDF, 312kB)

    Following the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) 2022 review of insurance for multi-occupancy buildings and in response to specific recommendations from the regulator, the ABI have developed a code on collecting core risk data for multi-occupancy buildings over four storeys or 11 metres in height, affected by combustible cladding or other material fire risk issues. The Code will support the insurance industry in systematically collecting and recording core risk information to drive consistency and transparency for users of this market. 

    The Code is voluntary and does not intend to be a comprehensive guide on all the relevant information collected for a firm’s own risk assessment and underwriting processes. It is also not intended to give guidance on whether the risk information should be used for risk selection and pricing.  Firms are expected to use their own judgement and expertise on taking decisions around the use of this risk information. 

    Find the code here

    Download the risk template

    The ABI and BIBA will review this code by no later than February 2025.

    On behalf of all at the ABI, we’d like to thank our members for their valuable support and input in developing the Code.