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Everything you needed to know about job sharing 

As part of their commitment to the Making Flexible Work campaign, we’re asking supporting firms to open up the majority of their roles to flexible working, including job sharing and part-time working. Job sharing is still a little known and underused form of flexible working in insurance and long-term savings, so we’ve put together a range of content and resources to help firms raise awareness of job sharing and increase the number of job share partnerships in their organisation.  

Two heads are better than one 

Job sharing allows employees who need or want to work part-time to continue progressing in their career – the same way as a full-time worker. Most jobs can be done as a job share and it’s a form of flexible working that offers huge benefits for employers and employees.  

Anyone can benefit from the opportunity to job share including those who want a portfolio career, those who might otherwise retire, or individuals who want to study part-time. People job share for different reasons and job sharing has the potential to increase diversity by unlocking career opportunities for a wide variety of individuals. ​For these reasons, increasing flexible working, particularly job sharing, will help employers attract and retain the best and most diverse talent and, over time, it will reduce the gender seniority gap.  

Hear from those in the know 

What is it like to be in a job share? 

We spoke to several successful job share partnerships to find out what  the benefits are, how they started job sharing and what advice they would give to others considering taking the leap.

See what they had to say by watching our short film. 

How does job sharing benefit employers?

We spoke with some of our members about the benefits that job sharing can bring to a company, and why #MakingFlexibleWork for your employees can work for the company too? 

Watch this film to find out more: 


There are number of misconceptions about job sharing and we have developed the following myth busting GIFs to set the record straight: