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ABI Mid-Year Review

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I am pleased to share the ABI’s Mid-Year Review with you which sets out some of our key achievements and progress so far in 2021, demonstrating our continued strength through association.

Despite the ongoing challenges posed by being unable to operate in our normal way, we have kept up our productivity with a focus on high quality support for members and customers, a full programme of events and our biggest-ever Annual Conference.

The pandemic has reminded us that systemic threats we talk about as possible future risks can actually happen. If any were needed, this has given added impetus to our work on climate change and we have accelerated our work in this area to produce a very high quality sectoral Roadmap that has been endorsed by Mark Carney and both the UK and Scottish Governments.  Having this sort of plan at a domestic market level is a world-first and I would like to publicly thank the members who contributed so much to its development.

That same spirit of ambition and collaboration is present in all of the progress outlined below and in the changes we have recently announced to the ABI Board that will strengthen our focus on improving trust, enhancing reputation and tackling future risks. Although this year will be my last as Director General of the ABI, I am looking forward to what we can achieve together in the rest of 2021. This sector continues to have a massive role to play in facing the macro-challenges of our time and with continued team-work across the industry, we can make a difference.

Thank you to all members for your hard work with us in H1. It has been an exceptionally busy but rewarding year so far and there is plenty more we can achieve in H2.

Best wishes,